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Extend the power of your clipboard

One thing that constantly frustrates me in OS X is the clipboard. Its absurd that you are limited to just one item to copy and paste at a time. You should be able to go back through your history of pasted text so that if you accidentally overwrite...
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  • Melissa Mercado

    by Melissa Mercado

    Used it for years, it stopped working and I panicked! Then I found another similar app recommending updating Privacy Accessibility preferences for their similar app. If you're having issues with Jumpcut in Mojave try adding these permissions: System Preferences> Security + Privacy> Privacy Tab> Accessibility Option> Add Jumpcut to the List. System Preferences> Security + Privacy>More

  • Vince Veness

    by Vince Veness

    One of those basic apps that effortlessly and flawlessly provides functionality omitted from the MacOSX.

  • TW Fleming

    by TW Fleming

    Worked for years, now it does not. . It worked fine for years. Now that I'm using Vivaldi for a browser, nothing will paste into the browser. I'm afraid it's time to move on if I can't find tech support or some other answer. Cons: It copies but does not past in certain browsers.

  • by Anonymous

    Have loved it for years and want it for my iPhone, can't find alternative.. Have loved it for years and want it for my iPhone. Can't find an alternative however for the iPhone. Pros: Love it totally. Cons: same app for iPhone

  • by Anonymous

    a life and time saver. This is a great app. I use it a lot for posting to Excel….also for posting news excerpts plus the link to FB. I wouldn't be without it. Been looking for an app like this for a long long time.

  • by Anonymous

    Need information. Is there a way to choose where the on-screen clipboard will show, or is it always in the place it's in when you first get it?

  • by Anonymous

    It does work, I figured it out.. Hotkey: I used command J, but lots of combinations don't work though. Bezel: use the arrow keys to navigate between the copies! Pros: easy to install; easy to use (once you have figured it out); very useful. Cons: lacks manual

  • by Anonymous

    Does not work. I have an iMac running OS X 10.5.8. This should be good enough. I was able to set up a hot key (you have to use two keys) and I see all the text I copied listed there, but it won't paste. I checked the option "menu selection pastes" which should work this way but when I select it nothing happens. Pros: Looks good. Cons: Doesn't work.

  • by Anonymous

    ??Only one??. Doesn't work. I use the hotkey and only see the last thing I copied. In the menu, yes, I see them all. I use a Mac with the latest system update. Pros: Small. Cons: Doesn't work